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If you’re determined to lead and dedicated to doing your best work, you’ll find yourself in good company at DE&S.

Whether you’re experienced in your field, or just starting out, with us you’ll join a team that’s committed to equipping, supporting, and protecting the UK armed forces, at home and abroad. It’s what unites us, and it’s why we work harder every day to embrace innovation, deliver at pace, and develop a skilled and diverse team of specialists who can lead the way.

Your ambition leads here

Whatever your background, whatever your specialism, your ambition for better will lead our team forward. And if you’ve got big aspirations, our organisation will provide the tools to help you grow, learn, and achieve extraordinary things. That’s why we say, your ambition leads here.

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Just starting your career?

If you’re searching for somewhere to explore your potential, and find the purpose that drives you, you’ll find your path here with us. Whether you’re looking for your first role or starting a second career, at DE&S you’ll learn from experts, uncover your potential, and become a specialist in your field. Looking for the support to thrive in your career? Within our diverse teams, you’ll discover that the future is what you make it.

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Apprenticeship and Graduate Schemes -developing tomorrow's talent today

Find success at DE&S

Everybody has a different vision of success – different dreams, different needs, different interests. We believe in enabling your unique development and helping you achieve the things you want – whether that’s a promotion, a career switch, opportunities for foreign travel or a better work-life balance. We tailor your path to you. Keep challenging yourself and we’ll be beside you all the way.

Woman in a headscart and black and white jumper "I can relate to the company's values; a place that believes in innovation and investing in its people." Noor, Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach Adviser A girl in blue overalls smiles at the camera "You can work and gain qualifications, all at the same time." Pheobe, Engineering Management Apprentice A man in a purple shirt and glasses smiles at the camera "You can grow at DE&S. I started as an apprentice, I'm now deputy director." Huw, Deputy Director Land Equipment
Meet our people
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Our people are at the centre of everything we do. As well as offering fulfilling careers, we want to ensure that every single employee feels appreciated and fairly rewarded.

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We believe that through true diversity, we can build an inclusive environment where both our employees and our organisation can thrive.

Diversity & Inclusion
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Headquartered in Bristol and with staff at numerous locations across the UK and overseas, DE&S employs around 11,500 civilian and military staff.

Our locations

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The recruitment process
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Write a good CV
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Interview tips

Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA)

Not only are we on the look-out for skilled individuals to join DE&S, we also recruit for our sister organisation, the Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA). Both organisations are part of the Ministry of Defence, entrusted with managing the procurement and in-service support of UK defence equipment.

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Where else could you fit in?

Part of the Ministry of Defence, DE&S is made up of eight functions, each supporting its own vital strand of the organisation. Our functions offer professional development and flexibility to our people – and assurance to our customers that we have the scale and expertise to deliver on any project.

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