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DE&S interview tips

Congratulations, you’ve aced your application and have now been invited for interview at DE&S.

We’re keen to talk to you so take the opportunity to impress by preparing well.

At DE&S we conduct CV based interviews where you’re assessed against the following criteria:

  • key achievements
  • career history
  • applied skills, knowledge and experience
  • your fit to the DE&S Behaviours (see below)

So, sell yourself according to these.

Preparation is vital. DE&S’s director of HR Danny Griffiths says: ‘Approach interviews as you would an exam.’

Hints and tips

What to prepare

  • For an interview, you can never prepare too much. This includes knowing exactly where the interview is, how to get there and how long it takes factoring in traffic, parking, public transport routes and travel times.
  • Who are you being interviewed by? Can you look them up on LinkedIn and connect beforehand? Do you have things in common (schools/universities, companies you’ve worked, shared connections)?
  • Take another look at the job description and understand the key experiences being asked for. Think about when you have delivered in these key areas, especially focussing on achievements and successes (consider the STAR technique to ‘paint a picture’) and ensure the panel really understands your efforts and recognises the outcomes you achieved.

Understanding DE&S

  • The difference between a good interview and a great interview can be showing what you have researched about the organisation. Search this website to find out more about the work we do supporting the UK’s armed forces.
  • We will be looking for you to display you fit our behaviours, consider these when explaining your experience.:
    • We work as one team with our customer
    • We support one another
    • We are professional in everything we do
    • We are committed to getting better
    • We deliver on our promises – no excuses.

How to display interest

  • As the force behind the armed forces, our employees are passionate about the work we do and why we do it. Why do you want to work for DE&S? Consider how you will get this across.

CV based interview

  • The questions you are asked will be based around the evidence provided in your CV. We will be trying to ascertain not only your experience, but also how you have achieved past goals.
  • Consider the behaviours you demonstrated throughout and how these may tie in with those of DE&S.


  • Ensure you go to your interview prepared with questions you want answered.
  • Great questions will enable you to show further interest, understand the challenges of the role and sell other areas of strength accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of the following documents need to be originals and we will photocopy them when you arrive for interview:

  • Form of ID (passport or driving license)
  • Three forms of proof of address (which also shows your name)
  • If you’re not a UK national, your Visa
  • Forms provided by CS Jobs when you were invited to interview (Address History form, Character Enquiry Pensions Questionnaire, Pre-employment Checks Authorisation form, Reference Request form).

When you arrive for interview, you will be asked for the above documentation.

  • You will then be escorted to the interview room, where the interview will last approximately 45 minutes. You’ll be invited to discuss your CV and career history and to establish whether you demonstrate the DE&S Way Behaviours. To ensure that DE&S can meet its objectives, support our people and deliver to our Customers, we need a common set of behaviours in our organisation.
  • Here you can read about our DE&S Behaviours.

Yes. Post interview stage, you will receive an email notification from CS Jobs informing you whether you’ve been successful (or not) and you will also be provided with interview feedback.

Explore our Frequently Asked Questions

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