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We make a fundamental contribution to the protection and prosperity of our nation.

In the face of increasing threats we are being asked to do more than ever before. We must significantly improve the way we operate by reducing duplication, friction in our ways of working and delays in our processes. By driving greater pace and acting with agility, we’ll stay ahead of our adversaries and meet our objectives.

This strategy is our commitment to be better and deliver our mission to equip our armed forces with the edge to protect our nation. Today. Tomorrow. Together.

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The context in which we operate has changed.

The UK Government’s Integrated Review Refresh 2023 acknowledges that the UK is in a period of heightened risk and volatility. We must urgently reposition DE&S, so we are more able to respond to the evolving threat environment, protect the nation and help it prosper.

DE&S has come a long way in its effort to transform itself.

By introducing new tools we have shortened delivery times, reduced costs, and upskilled our people. While significant progress has been made, there are opportunities to go further and optimise our work and the support we give to our armed forces. Against this backdrop, we’re committed to becoming better by doing more of what matters.

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Our mission:

We equip our armed forces with the edge to protect our nation.

Our mission sets out our purpose in a compelling single statement. We make sure every service person in our Armed Forces is fully equipped, supported and protected, so they can defend our freedoms, liberties and way of life. Providing the right capabilities, both today and tomorrow, to maintain the UK’s safety is at the heart of our mission.

“During seven months in combat my squadron suffered 12 strikes from explosive devices. Thanks to the armoured vehicle urgently pushed into service by DE&S, we all came back to our families alive.”

Alex, British Army veteran

“Having seen operations myself, I’m passionate about what we do. Everyday my team strives to reduce risk to military lives by developing robots to deliver supplies into combat zones.”

Matt, DE&S Strategic Enablers

“Lately our quick reaction alert fighters have been in the air 25% more than planned to keep our skies safe. But thanks to the passion and collaboration of teams across the Royal Air Force, DE&S and industry, we’re able to keep our jets operating to face down the threat.”

James, RAF Officer

“In a year my team placed 44 contracts and delivered over £750 million worth of vital support to our allies. Ultimately, our job keeps our families safe. That’s why we don’t stop until we know something’s impossible.”

Mercédès, DE&S Rapid Procurement Team

“By working together over three days our team got nearly 50 tonnes of supplies into the hands of our elite troops, so they could evacuate thousands of UK citizens from a warzone.”

Dave, DE&S Defence Munitions

Our strategy

Unlocking our capacity to increase Defence’s outputs

Our strategy is built upon delivering more of what matters for our armed forces and the UK. To achieve this, our strategy has three strategic outcomes, each with ambitious targets to be achieved by the end of 2025.

Open our strategy as a PDF
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Delivering the outputs our armed forces need TODAY
Sharpening Defence’s edge for TOMORROW
Driving efficiency and competitiveness TOGETHER

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