National Apprenticeship Week 2021: Billy’s Story

Published 09 February 2021

Hear from Billy, an apprentice and a valuable member of our Project Professional team, about his experiences in our apprenticeship scheme and the exciting placement opportunities that they afford

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Billy Wilde could not think of a better way to make a difference, and that is why he became an apprentice at DE&S.

The work he is already involved in, and will be involved in for years to come, will help to support and equip the military as they keep the UK and her allies safe.

Billy, 20, said: “When I was looking at a career path, I wanted to find a role where I can make a difference to something or to someone and I couldn’t find a better way to make a difference and to support those that put their lives on the line for us, day in day out.”

“DE&S are great at providing me with loads of other chances to grow and develop”

Having had placements in risk management on the AJAX armoured vehicle programme, he is now working in the Chinook helicopter team, who are crucial in supporting the versatile platform which has helped transport PPE and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Billy said: “I work on ‘out of scope work’, so it’s everything on the Chinook that isn’t the Chinook itself. Every little bit of extra kit that’s on there is the stuff I work on.

“This year more than ever it’s really eye-opening to see the differences made helping transport COVID patients and medical care about the country.”

To keep healthy and a clear mind while he has been working at home, Billy likes to get out for a morning run. This also keeps him fit for his hobby of refereeing semi-professional football matches in the West Country.

Even while working out of his garden shed in Bradley Stoke, Billy has been helped by the business to learn and develop and there has been a big effort amongst apprentices to keep in touch with each other.

He added: “DE&S are great at providing me with loads of other chances to grow and develop, whether it be soft skills such as management communication or other things that can really help me in my career going forward.

“I’ve not come across a manager or a colleague that has actually gone: ‘Oh, you’re an apprentice, what do you think you’re doing?’ Everyone’s gone: ‘try and push yourself and do this, try and push yourself and do that.

“No matter what the task has been I’ve always had that really great support network of team members and colleagues around me, of all levels and all ages.

“My proudest moment is achieving things that I’d never thought I’d achieve. Doing work on big projects and making a huge difference to those I never thought I would do, especially as an apprentice.”

To find out more about our apprenticeships, visit our Graduate Schemes and Apprenticeships page.

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