Published 23 April 2024

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DE&S has secured a contract for the British Army’s Heavy Equipment Transport (HET) capability.

HET enables the Army to rapidly move heavy armour, such as Challenger 2 tanks, to where it is needed, using an operationally proven vehicle platform.

The vehicles were secured under an £80 million interim capability solution over the next three years, with industry partners KBR Ltd.

The agreement forms part of a wider Materiel Distribution Land Programme, which incorporates HET, bulk liquid transportation (such as fuel tankers) and palletised load-carrying vehicles for the Army.

Nick Taylor, the Head of Land Combat Vehicles for DE&S, said:

“These vehicles are the bedrock of credible operational capability and underpins our logistical provision to ensure the right equipment is delivered to the right people, on time.  I am thrilled that we have secured this vital contract so that we can continue to equip and support the British Army.”

The contract with KBR Ltd means the Army will be provided with serviced HET trains – consisting of a cab and trailer – with enough operational spares packs to allow for operations on multiple fronts, anywhere in the world.

Mike Cooper, Senior Responsible Owner of the MDL 25 Programme for the British Army, said:

“Placing this contract secures a critical enabling capability for the Army, allowing continued logistic movement of heavy armour and other large equipment for current and future operations and exercises that will ensure the British Army remains able to project fighting power where required.”