Published 03 February 2024

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500 support trucks will be delivered to the British Army this year to support operational activity following our rapid procurement of the vehicles.

Collaboration between our delivery team, Army Headquarters and the Field Army has helped push the boundaries of Defence procurement, acquiring all the vehicles in just seven months.

Under a £282 million contract, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles will deliver the multipurpose trucks that will allow personnel to load flat racks onto the platform, which can carry essential logistics such as ammunition, food, water, and support materiel, to operational locations.

The newly procured vehicles will be from the HX family, which are a range of purpose-designed military trucks equipped with a multitude of protection capabilities, keeping our most important asset – our people – safe.

Major General Darren Crook, DE&S Director Land Equipment, said:

“In an ever-changing and demanding operational landscape, it is essential that we can quickly identify what equipment our soldiers need and procure it rapidly.

“This project demonstrates our agility and our commitment to push the boundaries; it shows what we can achieve when we work collaboratively to deliver the equipment our Armed Forces need, when they need it.

“I’m delighted that together with industry that we have been able to turn around this contract from conception, through approvals to contract award and first delivery, in just seven months.”

The vehicles will be delivered under the Rapid Acquisition Project, expediting the procurement of the trucks with efficiency and precision, meaning these advanced mobility trucks reach operational deployment swiftly, ultimately enhancing our military’s agility and responsiveness.

Colonel Stuart Nassé, Assistant Head Military Capability Delivery, Army Headquarters said:

“We are delighted with this project which provides essential reinforcement to the logistic spine of the Army.

“As a collaborative project, it shows that the acquisition process can be responsive to user demands, and more importantly that when the user, delivery agent and industry all work together we can achieve significant outcomes, quickly. We are really excited to put this important capability in the hands of the soldiers this year.”

The HX family stands as a proven and cost-effective mobility truck class, integrating military off-the-shelf components. Purposefully designed to bolster military operations, these HX vehicles offer high mobility and reliability in challenging terrains.

The platforms have several capability improvements compared to those already in service, including an increased payload, a reduced turning circle, an underrun protection safety feature and a more efficient EURO 5 engine.

Minister For Defence Procurement, James Cartlidge said:

“The rapid delivery of transport capabilities to the front line is paramount to the lifeblood of British Army logistics and operations.

“This procurement demonstrates our commitment to equipping our Armed Forces with the best tools available, ensuring mobility, agility, and resilience in the face of evolving threats.”

The rapid procurement of these vehicles comes at an essential time, as in 2024 the British Army will face increased commitments through Op MOBILISE and its offer to the NATO New Force Model.

The procurement contract also delivers on the Chief of General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders’ objective of increasing logistical lift as a British Army capability.