Published 16 March 2024

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DE&S’ Future Capability Innovation team will collaborate with McLaren Racing to apply motorsport innovation, insights and a high-performance mindset into projects across DE&S and the wider MOD.

McLaren’s Accelerator arm has a team of highly-skilled practitioners who have acquired a wealth of expertise from years in elite-level motorsport. This expertise will support the upskilling of Defence teams, in direct support of solving Defence challenges.

The partnership will provide opportunities for a number of projects, including the electrification of MOD vehicles, driving product development speed, improving operational efficiency as well as using digital tools for data-driven decision-making.

And in turn help further accelerate the adoption of best practice across the UK Defence industry, with a shared focus on climate change and sustainability. It could also help the MOD attract, develop and support more diverse talent into STEM careers within Defence.

Adrian Baguley, DE&S deputy CEO and Senior Sponsor for the Partnership, said:

“DE&S is always looking for ways to drive innovation and improve how we equip the UK Armed Forces with the edge to protect our nation. Working with McLaren is a great opportunity to do exactly that, sharing learning and embedding new ways of working that will benefit both organisations.”

“This partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to climate change, with potential to drive further efficiencies, promote innovative thinking and harness expertise in some of the latest technologies such as digital twins, AI, hybrid vehicles, HV battery architecture, and advanced and reductive manufacturing.”

McLaren Racing and the Ministry of Defence will continue to communicate the outcomes of the partnership as it progresses.

Matt Dennington, Executive Director, Partnerships & Accelerator, McLaren Racing, said:

“This new partnership with the Ministry of Defence provides a great opportunity to stretch and apply our innovation and technological know-how and a high-performance culture with a view to improving operational efficiencies across a wide range of exciting projects.”

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said:

“This exciting partnership will see McLaren Racing bring their world-class expertise from the racetrack into a number of defence projects.

“By collaborating with industry we will continue to drive innovation through knowledge sharing, which will benefit Defence’s engineering and operations across the course of the partnership and beyond.”