DE&S’ Mo leads the way in normalising conversation around menopause

Published 15 October 2020.

Mo Bingham is calling upon businesses to support World Menopause Day by “normalising the conversation” around the menopause.

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Mo Bingham, who is raising awareness of the physical and mental challenges of the menopause across the Civil Service, is calling upon businesses to support World Menopause Day by “normalising the conversation” around this significant life event.

After joining DE&S, Mo, who works as a supply manager for the Land Equipment team, has spent four years campaigning for changes to ensure that those who are going through the menopause are supported and understood in the workplace.

Since that time Mo has become a prominent member of the Ministry of Defence’s Women’s Network South West, Cross-Government Menopause Network and she co-leads the MOD Menopause Network.

She has used these platforms to share her experiences and the impact of going through the menopause and has been at forefront of introducing pan Civil Service guidance, that can be used by employees and managers to provide a safe and understanding environment for everyone.

Mo said : 

“When I started my menopause transition I didn’t really know what was happening and I realised there was very little understanding in the workplace of the physical and mental impact it has on women – it was a taboo subject.

“I didn’t want anyone else to be alone or scared, or think they were going mad, and felt it was important that we “normalise the conversation” especially in a work environment.”

Reflecting on her achievements Mo said: “Hopefully I have encouraged people to be braver about saying the “M” word and discussing it with managers and colleagues. Awareness is building and although there is still some element of disbelief and taboo, that’s ok, I enjoy a challenge!”

World Menopause Day is held on the 18th of October.

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