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Project Description

The UKMFTS programme, with the training provider (Ascent) and Directorate of Flying Training (22Group), delivers military aircrew through training to the front-line.

What is the UKMFTS?

The UK Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) – in conjunction with our partners – manage the process for training pilots to operate aircraft for the UK Armed Forces. The UKMFTS team deliver the aircraft, simulators, courseware, instruction and infrastructure that add up to an integrated and efficient training system for aircrew of all three services.

The UKMFTS delivery team is a unique organisation within DE&S where the training requester (DE&S), the training provider (Ascent), together with the Directorate of Flying Training (DFT – 22Group) work in partnership to achieve a common goal – delivering military aircrew through the Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) to the front-line.

UKMFTS covers the training of 20 aircrew specialisations, from the completion of aircrew selection and initial officer training up to the point the student enters the OCU. UKMFTS also covers the training of the instructors (both military and civilian) needed within UKMFTS, plus refresher training.

About the UKMFTS

The UKMFTS programme is delivered using a mix of synthetic flight training devices, full flight simulator and live flying training. The core programme has recapitalised the entirety of the Phase 2 flying training fleet and associated equipment, and is capable of delivering 530 students per year to the front-line.

The training system spans the Fast Jet, Multi-Engine and Rotary Wing training pipelines and includes Rear Crew and Remotely Piloted Air System operator training, delivering high-quality graduates ready for Phase 3 training.

The UKMFTS team also provide support to the Hawk T Mk1 operated by the world-famous RAF Red Arrows, deliver the Hawk T Mk2 as an MOD-furnished input to the flying training system, and are responsible for the Viking gliders which give many RAF Air Cadets their first taste of flying.

The UKMFTS delivers world-class aircrew to the front-line and delivers aircraft to attract and inspire future generations. The programme is delivered using a mix of synthetic flight training devices, full flight simulator and live flying training.

How is How is UKMFTS delivered?

UKMFTS is a 25 year Private Finance Initiative contract valued at £3.2Bn which was contracted with Ascent Flight Training (Management) Limited in 2008 following a competitive exercise.

The key purpose of Ascent within UKMFTS – as set out in the Statement of Requirements – is to integrate all of the necessary components of the training system into a single coherent, efficient and flexible whole so that aircrew are trained in the right quantities and to the right quality.

The role of Ascent within UKMFTS:

  • The training design role, which relates to the strategic, non-operational activities of training analysis, design, planning and project management that underpins the performance of the Services as a whole; and
  • The training service delivery role, which relates to the day-to-day delivery and management of training and its performance.

The role of the DFT within UKMFTS:

DFT is responsible for pan 22 Gp Air Safety Assurance and Regulation, engineering and logistical support, and continuing airworthiness assurance. As well as acting as the Training Requirement Authority for UKMFTS delivered flying training and Central Flying School owned training including aircrew instructor training.

In addition to this, DFT also provides second party assurance of UKMFTS training delivery with the responsibility to ensure that the Training Service Partner is held to account.

Meet the DE&S UKMFTS delivery team

Become part of the team

The UKMFTS delivery team is made up of approximately 200 people grouped into three teams:

  • UKMFTS Programme Team is responsible for overseeing the management and delivery of the UK Military Flying Training System on behalf of the front-line command.
  • Hawk Delivery Team is responsible for the delivery of Hawk TMk1 – Red Arrows and Advanced Fast Jet Training via Hawk T2.
  • Gliders Delivery Team provides air experience flights to cadets around the country.

Commodore Mark Langrill, Head of UKMFTS:

“The UKMFTS Portfolio brings together three teams with a shared focus on delivering flying training and building an awareness of aviation and of the armed forces. At the heart of the training service is a ground-breaking integrated system which has provided new fleets of training aircraft along with the synthetic training equipment, infrastructure and courseware needed to deliver world-class training.”

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