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Voyager, which has a colossal 60-metre wingspan, is a dual-role air-to-air tanker and passenger transport – and the largest aircraft ever used by the RAF.

Voyager at a glance

  • Both variants of Voyager carry all the fuel necessary for refuelling operations, and the aircraft itself, within existing tanks in the wings and fuselage, leaving the cabin free for transporting up to 291 personnel and a cargo hold available for carrying freight.
  • The aircraft, which came into service in 2014, is currently supporting operations at home and abroad and will remain in service until 2035.
  • The DE&S Voyager Delivery Team, made up of 40 full-time personnel at MOD Abbey Wood Bristol and RAF Brize Norton, manages a contracted service to supply Voyager to the RAF which includes access to 14 aircraft, nine of which are held in the core fleet with a further five held in reserve to meet demand as required.
  • The scope of the contract also includes infrastructure, maintenance, spares, aircrew and ground crew training including training school and instructors and fleet management.

“As the highest value private finance initiative (PFI) contract in Government it is essential that we get maximum value and benefit from the services available – which we do thanks to the dedication and professionalism shown by every member of the DE&S team and through working hand in glove with our partners.”

Lyndon Hoyle,

DE&S Voyager Delivery Team leader

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