DE&S team celebrate Sanctuary Awards success

Published 16 March 2021
The MOD’s Sanctuary Awards 2020 champion sustainability and celebrate defence-wide projects

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A DE&S team are celebrating a win at the prestigious Sanctuary Awards which recognise outstanding sustainability and conservation across the MOD estate.

The DE&S Support Directorate Defence Packaging team won the Sustainable Procurement Award for its project to modernise the Defence Standard (DefStan) specifying corrugated board (more commonly known as cardboard) for use in military level packaging (MLP).

The team, alongside industry packaging experts, worked to update the DefStan for packaging materials after noting that the MOD were among the few organisations that require bespoke cardboard.

Their efforts now mean that packaging is described in characteristics which enables for recycled content to be maximised in the finished cardboard product, without degradation to requirements.

“The team recognised the need for MOD to maximise opportunities for utilising environmentally sustainable, fit for purpose and readily available, commercial grades of cardboard”

Not only is this a more sustainable approach in line with the MOD Greening Agenda, it also provides the opportunity to purchase more cost-efficient and readily available packaging.

DE&S’ Bob Deary, who led the team, said: “Cardboard is one of the most commonly used packaging materials within the MOD supply chain.

“As such it was crucial that DE&S and MOD demonstrate we are both serious and passionate about creating a more sustainable future across defence.

“The team recognised the need for MOD to maximise opportunities for utilising environmentally sustainable, fit for purpose and readily available, commercial grades of cardboard.

“Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the multi-agency team the project reached a successful conclusion and a revised DefStan is awaiting formal publication.”

Whilst the project was led by the DE&S Support Directorate Defence Packaging team, there was invaluable support from Military Packager Approval Scheme (MPAS) members and the corrugated industry, utilising the MOD/Industry Packaging in Equipment Acquisition & Support Forum (PEAS) as the vehicle for the management and co-ordination of the project.

The ability to use increased recycled material will have a positive environmental impact and will help the MOD and DE&S to meet Government Greening Commitments. It also has the potential to enhance the MOD’s reputation as a responsible user of packaging looking to maximise the use of recycled material in the supply of military capability.

Held since 1991 the Sanctuary Awards were for the first time conducted as a virtual ceremony due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lieutenant General Richard Nugee, who co-hosted the Sanctuary Awards, said: “These awards, and the articles in the Sanctuary Magazine, demonstrate that Defence has the ability, skill and the willingness to improve the environment we live in.

“I firmly believe, with the enthusiasm of our people which is so evident, we can make a material difference to the way Defence operates, to become more sustainable, less emitting and yet still defend the nation, which is our primary purpose.”

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