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Civil Service Pension Choices

For employees new to the Civil Service, DE&S offers a choice of pension arrangements: Alpha or Partnership.

The below table summarises some of the key benefits of each scheme:

Type of pension scheme:

Defined benefit.

What is the regular employer contribution?

Between 26.6 and 30.3%.

Please note that this is the average employer contribution made to the Civil Service Pension Scheme. Actual employer contributions depend on your salary banding.

How much will I pay?

Between 4.6% and 8.05% depending on earnings.

How long must I be in the scheme to retain all pension scheme benefits?

2 years.

What are the benefits for my family?

2 x salary death in service.

In addition, if you die with at least one year’s service, alpha provides:

  • A pension for your spouse, civil partner or nominated partner.
  • A pension for any dependent children.

Type of pension scheme

Defined contribution.

What is the regular employer contribution?

Age related, as per the below table:

Age Employer contribution %
Under 31

31 to 35

36 to 40

41 to 46

46 and over






How much will I pay?

You do not need to pay anything. However, any contributions that you do make will be matched up to 3%. This is in addition to the regular employer contribution.

How long must I be in the scheme to retain all pension scheme benefits?

1 month.

What are the benefits for my family?

3 x salary death in service.

In addition, the value of your ‘pension pot’ will be paid to a named person on your pension application form.

Please note that if you have previously worked for an employer who offered the CSP arrangements, or another public service pension, there may be other options available to you.


Find the next steps in process in this handy print out and keep for your records:

You can find further information relating to alpha, partnership and all historical sections of the Civil Service Pension Scheme on the CSP website:

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