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Published 27 October 2020.

DE&S Mentoring.

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DE&S passionately believes in helping our people learn and develop and our mentoring scheme plays a vital role in this.

Mentoring at DE&S involves entering into a voluntary relationship where the mentor shares their experience with a mentee who can benefit professionally on a number of levels from it. The strongest mentoring relationships thrive on openness and mutual trust and both parties benefit from the relationship least of all because it allows time for reflection.

Below, on National Mentoring Day (October 27th) DE&S Deputy CEO and Director General Strategic Enablers, Adrian Baguley, who is also the MOD Mentoring Champion, shares his thoughts:

“As we mark National Mentoring Day it is worth reflecting on the influence that mentoring has on organisational performance, learning, retention of talent and diversity. It is no surprise that the vast majority of FTSE 100 and Forbes 500 companies have thriving mentoring programmes.

Mentoring conversations require reflective time, which brings benefit to both the mentee and the mentor.  It is very powerful to stop, think and get the perspective of another person, and the benefit works both ways. I have acted as a mentor for many years and I can honestly say that I still thoroughly relish every mentoring conversation. None more so that the reverse mentoring conversations that I now have with my reverse mentee. This has been absolutely brilliant in allowing me to understand what it’s like to work in our organisation through the eyes of another. This is both humbling and deeply rewarding.  What is more, I can see that this is resulting in better-informed Executive discussions which, in turn, is leading to better decision making.

“I have acted as a mentor for many years and I can honestly say that I still thoroughly relish every mentoring conversation.”

As we each take our personal journey through this global pandemic, without the casual social interactions that we might have previously enjoyed in the workplace, mentoring feels more important than ever.  It provides a great way to reach out and share personal experiences at a time when loneliness is impacting many.  It’s not the only way through which people can seek out advice and support but mentoring does provide another way for us all to look out for each other.

Mentoring is invaluable at all levels in the organisation, providing a ‘safe space’ to discuss issues and bounce ideas.  So I strongly encourage everyone to get engaged – as a mentor and/or a mentee – I can promise that you will be enriched by the experience.”

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