Published 23 January 2024

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Defence Equipment & Support’s Space Delivery Team is inviting industry partners to demonstrate how they can support efforts to deliver Assured Alternative Position, Navigation & Timing (PNT) technologies to enable UK forces to effectively operate in GNSS denied or degraded environments across the world.

The Space Delivery Team (SDT) is engaging with the market prior to the publication of a Contract Notice and formal commencement of the procurement programme.

An in-person Market Interest Day will be held in Bristol on Friday 01 March to brief potential industry partners on the project scope and aims including technologies currently being considered and support required from Industry to meet the project needs.

The event will be facilitated by DE&S Space DT, DE&S Commercial, MoD COMDP, or a nominated external facilitator. For more information, please review the Prior Information Notice issued within DSP.

See opportunity here.

How to get involved

Applications to attend this Market Interest Day will not be accepted after Friday 23 February 2024 at midday.

The Market Interest Day will involve a briefing to Industry, during which the Authority will describe the requirements and detail the proposed timelines.

The day will be split into 2 sessions covering:

  1. the support elements intended to be contracted through a ‘systems house’.
  2. the proposed technologies currently under consideration

The sessions will consist of presentations on each of the elements as well as discussions during which industry participation and feedback is encouraged. All information gathered will be taken into consideration and may inform the future strategy of the programme.

A follow up document containing key information from the day will be provided to all attendees after the event. Commercially sensitive information will not be shared.

Attendance from Space Command, DSTL, and DE&S Space Delivery Team is expected on the day.

Join our industry market day.

If your organisation wishes to attend this initial Market Interest Day, please contact the following email address as soon as possible to register your interest:

Industry attendance may be limited due to capacity. Supplier registration forms can be obtained from DSP or by contacting the above email address, these will be for individual attendees. If you wish to register more than one attendee from your organisation you will be asked to prioritise attendance. Once the interest is understood additional attendees will be confirmed.

The event, classified as “Official Sensitive”, requires confirmation of extant Security Clearance (BPSS as a minimum) to be provided and checked prior to attendance. Your registration will only be confirmed once checks have been completed. Information from the event can be shared with organisations not meeting the minimum-security clearance who are unable to attend.