DE&S releases new resources this World Menopause Day

This World Menopause Day provides a fantastic opportunity to get us all talking about this natural stage of life that affects us all, directly, or indirectly.

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DE&S are pleased to announce the release of our official menopause guidance. This will assist individuals and managers in DE&S to have open conversations and provide guidance with how to deal with potential reasonable adjustments.

Jo Osburn-Hughes, DE&S Gender Champion, said:

“As the DE&S Gender Champion I was concerned to learn that recent research has shown as many as 50% of individuals within the UK experiencing menopause have considered leaving work as a direct result of their symptoms. This is a shocking statistic, and as an employer we want to attract, grow and retain talent and skills, not lose them.

“Not only does this represent a significant skills loss to organisations, but it also does a disservice to many colleagues who have been loyal to organisations over the years. I am committed to ensuring that we are doing all we can in DE&S to support people experiencing menopause symptoms and I’m pleased to share with you our new DE&S Menopause Guidance and Fact Sheets to support everyday discussions. Creating an environment of openness and transparency where everyone can talk about menopause, or normalise menopause conversation, and where we can raise awareness and understanding is so key to building the right culture of inclusion.

“Of course, the conversations need to continue beyond today and I encourage you all consider how you can play your part in this vital topic which will help move us forward on our diversity and inclusion journey.”

Whether you are someone that’s experiencing the menopause, aware of someone that is experiencing or been through the menopause or simply someone who wants to find out more,

DE&S are committed to creating an inclusive environment and the DE&S Menopause network creates an environment that normalises the menopause conversation, supports both civilian and military colleagues, as well as working to influence policy and challenge perceptions around menopause across MOD.

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