Published 09 February 2024

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DE&S has embraced artificial intelligence (AI) to drive efficiencies and compliance across the organisation.

Previously, the identification of critical up-to-date compliance information could be difficult and time consuming. But the process can now be optimised by accessing an MoD Cloud hosted, defence data-trained large language model (LLM) chatbot.

Best known as platforms like ChatGPT, LLMs are a type of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that uses deep learning techniques and large data sets to understand, summarise, generate, and predict new content.

By employing a Defence provisioned service that is powered by the OpenAI GPT LLM, staff can ensure the service is configured to only draw information from a relevant set of Defence documents meaning accuracy of responses are as high as possible.

Whilst DE&S experts will still make essential procurement decisions, the LLM Chatbot will make the process more efficient.

Paul Fox, Digital Information Assurance Lead at DE&S said:

“It’s important for MOD to embrace new technologies and this LLM chatbot demonstrates that we are already working in the AI space and looking to exploit the efficiencies it offers.

“It’s also crucial because it’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and means delivery teams can access up to date accurate information ensuring compliance and reducing risk.”

As well as answering questions from users, the model also provides references and links to relevant up to date core documents they are likely to need to progress.

What type of question can be asked?

  1. What is the first step of the Secure by Design process?
  2. What is the minimum Cyber Security requirement for my project?
  3. What are the key principles of Data Protection in the UK?

The data generated by the questions asked to the Chatbot, can be collated and will enable DE&S to make data driven decisions and tailor training on cyber and security compliance issues to further increase efficiencies.