Published 3 April 2024

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Full operating capability (FOC) has been achieved by DE&S Deca; a recently merged operating centre providing cost-effective and Value for Defence (VfD) engineering services and support for UK Armed Forces.

Achieved on time as planned on April 1 – exactly one year since reaching initial operating capability (IOC) – this significant development marks the successful and complete transition of the former Defence Electronics and Components Agency (DECA) into DE&S as a third operating centre within the Air Domain, to become DE&S Deca.

More than 400 new colleagues were welcomed into DE&S as part of the merger that will enable DE&S Deca to supply electronics and avionic components and general engineering services to a range of Defence users, and provide specialist maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade services to fleet such as the F-35B Lightning II.

Director General (DG) Air, Vice Admiral Sir Rick Thompson, said: “I would like to congratulate everybody who has been involved in completing the integration activity to reach Full Operating Capability as part of the DE&S Deca merger – it has been a real team effort and skilfully master-minded by Dr Neville Parton.

“It is great news that Deca can now focus on what it does best: delivering operationally essential services and equipment repairs to our military and allies across the globe as part of the UK’s industrial enterprise.”

Deca retains its own identity and current 1* Chief Executive, Geraint Spearing, who reports to DG Air.

Geraint said: “The decision to merge DECA into DE&S was centred around delivering greater value to Defence, by maximising the utilisation of Deca’s wide-ranging capabilities across Defence.

“It is testament to much hard work from many, over a relatively short period, that we have now achieved Full Operating Capability on schedule. We can now focus on the intent to offer Deca’s capabilities to a wider Defence customer base. I would like to personally thank everyone who has played a part in achieving this milestone.”

Based in Sealand in North Wales and at MOD Stafford, DE&S Deca prides itself on being able to frequently deliver support with faster turnarounds and lower costs than that of external providers.

Merger Project Lead, Dr Neville Parton, added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people I have worked with over the last three years to get to this point – without your hard work and commitment we would never have got this far.”