DE&S and North Bristol NHS Trust launch new mentoring initiative

Published 27th  May 2021

DE&S and North Bristol NHS Trust have launched a new mentoring initiative

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We have teamed up with our neighbours in North Bristol NHS Trust to launch a new mentoring initiative to share experience, knowledge and networks

It builds on the successful partnership with North Bristol NHS Trust for the fast-paced build of the NHS Nightingale Hospital Bristol.

Starting this month, the pilot scheme aims to harness the power of mentoring alongside all the added benefits of the mentor and mentee being from different organisations

Mark Geoghegan, DE&S Project Management Head of Function, one of the mentors on the scheme said:

“As a mentor there is no greater privilege than being able to support someone through their career, the highs and lows to the tricky and the straightforward. I have been blessed with having mentors and role models that have supported me in my own development, so I cannot overestimate the significant impact that having had someone there for me which has allowed me to grow and access a vital fresh perspective.”

The six-month mentorship scheme has paired project management staff from DE&S and NBT with senior leaders from their partner organisation. The experience will enable both participants to gain a broadened perspective and utilise learnings from other networks to tackle future challenges and opportunities.

“DE&S and the NHS are unique organisations that exist in complex worlds,” explains Tim Whittlestone, Deputy Medical Director, North Bristol NHS Trust. “Let’s share our experience to create resilient and powerful managers.”

Kate Singh, Project Support Manager, North Bristol NHS Trust, who will be starting the scheme as a mentee said: “What an exciting networking and development opportunity for someone (like me) who is just starting out in project management!  Absolutely too good to pass-up.  I can’t wait to meet my mentor and start my learning journey with some of the best in the business!”

Both organisations hope to extend the initiative to more colleagues and other legacy partners.

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