Published 10 March 2023

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The Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC) champions, enables and innovates the use of AI across Defence to harness its game-changing power for strategic advantage.

The Defence AI Strategy makes clear that AI has extraordinary potential as a general enabling technology. The DAIC is the central catalyst to realise its benefits right across the MOD, from the ‘back office’ to battlespace. It will enhance the speed and efficiency of business processes and support functions; increase the quality of decision-making and tempo of operations; improve the security and resilience of inter-connected networks; enhance the mass, persistence, reach and effectiveness of our military forces; and protect our people from harm by automating ‘dull, dirty and dangerous’ tasks.

The DE&S Future Capability Group is at the heart of the central DAIC federation, alongside experts from the Defence Digital Foundry and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). Together, this central federation supports MOD teams in Head Office, Front Line Commands, Enabling Organisations, and Functions to help them rapidly adopt AI enabled capabilities.

A key contribution from DE&S Futures Capability Group is providing an experienced Portfolio Manager to act as Head of the central DAIC Headquarters and Strategy Team – with Hugh Woodward assuming the role in April 23 on his return from the Cabinet Office. Hugh explained:

“We are capitalising on the UK’s status as a global superpower in AI by enabling Defence use cases through fostering a more integrated relationship with international partners, pan government, academia, and a wide spectrum of traditional and non-traditional Defence suppliers.”

He added: “The DAIC is delivering a co-ordinated approach to AI advice. DAIC are working with key Defence Stakeholders to progressively publish information, good practice guides, and standards to facilitate the assured use of this rapidly evolving technology in an ambitious, safe and responsible manner.”