Published 17 January 2024

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A Typhoon fighter jet has been fitted with one of the world’s most advanced radars ahead of initial flight trials.

As part of a £2.35 billion investment into upgrading Typhoon, a European Common Radar System (ECRS) Mark 2 Radar developed by Leonardo UK features a unique multi-functional array (MFA) which will allow Typhoon to simultaneously detect, identify, and track multiple targets in the air and on the ground plus perform electronic warfare tasks.

A prototype of the new radar which has been undergoing ground-based testing in a unique test facility at BAE Systems’ site in Warton, Lancashire, has now been embodied by BAE Systems onto a UK Typhoon test and evaluation aircraft (BS116).

Supporting the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy, the wider enhancement programme sustains around 1,300 UK high quality engineering jobs over the next 10 years across the UK.

Lyndon Hoyle, Typhoon Delivery Team Head, said:

“This is the latest step in our mission to work alongside the RAF and Industry in harnessing the technology we need to develop cutting-edge capabilities that can deliver a competitive edge for the UK Armed Forces of tomorrow.”

Group Captain Matt D’Aubyn, Assistant Head Control of the Air / Typhoon Programme Director, said:

“Embodiment of this prototype new radar into the test aircraft is a positive step on the continuous evolution of Typhoon’s control of the air capabilities, maintaining its sovereign Freedom of Action and preserving its technological advantage.”

The prototype radar will now undergo further testing and ground runs at Warton ahead of initial flight trials later this year.

Andy Holden, Radar Delivery Director, BAE Systems’ Air sector, said:

“Equipping the aircraft with this prototype radar moves us a step closer to delivering new capability which ensures Typhoon’s role as the backbone of combat air defence for decades to come.”