“DE&S is a great place to work and takes people development and upskilling seriously so you will be on a continuous improvement path should you choose it! The best part of joining an enabling organisation is that you know what you do makes a difference to our armed forces”

We recently caught up with Commercial Integration Manager Amarjit who is the primary Commercial lead at HMNB Portsmouth. Amarjit explained his role and why he finds working for DE&S rewarding.

headshot of Commercial Integration Manager Amarjit in glasses grey pin stripe suit, white shirt and blue tie

Commercial-Integration Manager Amarjit

What does your role entail?

My role as Commercial Integration Manager is to act as the primary Commercial lead for all matters regarding the Future Maritime Support Programme (FMSP) and wider naval base activities at Her Majesty’s Naval Base Portsmouth. This means liaising directly with both the contract owners and external stakeholders on matters relating to the FMSP contracts and other naval base contracts that could have a direct impact on integration and collaboration requirements.

What was your pathway to becoming a Commercial Manager at DE&S?

I came from a finance and general management background before transitioning across into the Commercial function, first in industry and then at DE&S. I entered DE&S at level 2 as a Commercial Officer and was promoted to a level 3 Commercial Manager 16 months later.

What learning and development opportunities are available within Commercial?

The learning opportunities at DE&S are brilliant. You are provided with a well-defined career progression pathway, which is supported by a learning structure that promotes 70% on the job learning, 20% learning from others such as mentors, and 10% from academic education. I’ve recently achieved my MCIPS (Member of Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply) qualification which was fully supported and paid for by DE&S.

What transferable skills might people already possess that would be relevant to a career in Commercial? What skills, attributes or values are needed to do what you do?

I believe my finance background and management skills, alongside strong people and relationship-building skills, are all good attributes to bring into the Commercial function. The learning that is on offer prepares you for the commercial role, whichever level you enter the organisation at.

What positive change have you seen in DE&S since joining?

The launch of the DE&S Strategy 2025 has been a positive change that shows a new, forward-thinking direction. This highlights the organisation’s ambitions for 2025, which focus on delivering through people, technology and innovation, and ensuring value for the taxpayer and society. It will make sure we are well-placed to deliver future-proof technology at pace, while supporting wider government priorities, from creating jobs and levelling up prosperity, to driving environmental change.

For you, what are the key things that make working here special or rewarding?

A number of key factors make working for DE&S special and rewarding. For me the support and in-depth learning that’s on offer are really important, to enable you to do your role well and be the best you can be. The ability to support the organisation’s objectives through my role makes my contributions feel purposeful and meaningful. The DE&S organisational behaviours resonate well with my own values too: one team, supporting one another; being professional in everything we do; committed to improvement; and delivering on our promises. The culture is changing to become even more inclusive and this is great news for anyone joining DE&S.

How has DE&S helped you to find the right balance between your work and your home life?

The well-being of its workforce is important to DE&S and the balance between work and home life is good, allowing staff to work flexibly with a combination of home and office working. The allocation of workload is managed and monitored, and you can discuss work priorities openly with your manager if you have any concerns.

Are you part of any networks? If so, please tell us a little more about your involvement and what you enjoy or value about your participation in the network.

I am part of the Change Advocates Network which looks to support change and assist others with the change that is required. This allows me to help facilitate change in a positive way and understand the concerns of personnel who may be impacted as a result. It allows me to use my people skills to support and help colleagues through a period of change, which is very fulfilling.

Would you recommend DE&S to others as a great place to work, and why?

Definitely! Since joining in 2018, I’ve really come to understand that DE&S is a great place to work and takes people development and upskilling seriously so you will be on a continuous improvement path should you choose it! If you decide another route is for you down the line, DE&S offers you options in developing your career across a number of disciplines. The best part of joining an enabling organisation is that you know what you do makes a difference to our armed forces!

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