Engineering apprentice Chloe has gained experience across the services

“You really are able to explore the variety of work carried out within the engineering function of the organisation, regardless of the domain.”

MOD engineering apprentice arms folded, smilingWhy did you choose to pursue a career in DE&S?

I pursued a career in DE&S for a number of reasons. Firstly, the apprenticeship scheme allowed me to gain experience in a number of different domains – which is unique to this apprenticeship.

I have always had a clear interest in engineering as a function, but the domain in which I would operate was never decided – which is why this scheme was perfect for me.

I chose to complete the apprenticeship over attending university immediately in order to gain experience and discover which engineering role it is that I am passionate about.

What does your role entail?

My role as an apprentice enables me to continue the development of my education – I am currently in my second year of a Higher National Certificate (HNC) and hoping to finish with a full house of distinctions.

At the same time as this, I am on placements within the MOD. Here I am able to work on genuine tasks relating to whichever team I am with at the time.

What’s your ambition?

In the short term, my ambition is to complete the apprenticeship to the best of my ability with straight distinction grades. In addition, I want to complete work that I am proud of, and makes a massive difference within the engineering function.

What’s the greatest achievement to date?

Currently, I think completing the first year of the apprenticeship scheme a year early has been an achievement. I also obtained straight distinctions when we’re only required a pass.

But my greatest achievement has been the Tom Nevard award. For me, it was a different challenge and completely out of my comfort zone. But I worked with people I didn’t know to create something that worked well – and we won!

Why would you recommend DE&S to others as a great place to work?

I would recommend working for DE&S for the opportunities they present you with – especially during the apprenticeship and graduate schemes. You really are able to explore the variety of work carried out within the engineering function of the organisation, regardless of the domain.

What are the social benefits of working for DE&S?

The flexible working hours are great, as I am able to work longer days Monday- Thursday and leave slightly earlier on a Friday to enjoy my weekend. The offers that come from the Defence Discount card include a huge variety of options and definitely help you to grab a bargain.

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