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A modern icon of British air power, the hugely capable Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft is flown by the RAF on operations overseas and in defence of UK airspace.

Find out how DE&S, the RAF and BAE Systems have changed Typhoon support through TyTAN.

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Typhoon at a glance

  • Typhoon is the largest Defence project in the MOD’s portfolio by value.
  • Armed with Paveway IV, Enhanced Paveway II, AMRAAM and ASRAAM missiles and a Mauser 27mm cannon, it can be deployed in high-intensity conflict, air policing and peacekeeping support operations.
  • Along with F-35 Lightning II, Typhoon will become the spear point of the UK’s combat air power.
  • The DE&S Fast Air Support Team (FAST) is focused on delivering Project Centurion – a series of capability upgrades to enable Typhoon to replace Tornado GR4 in combat air defence and offensive air support roles.

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“I’m proud to lead a team that is dedicated and focussed, includes our Industry and International partners and is responsible for delivering and supporting combat air power to the RAF so that it can support UK Operations around the globe.”

Air Cdre Lloyd

DE&S FAST Team Leader

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