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Project Description


The Protector programme will deliver next-generation technology to the UK’s armed forces, offering improved range and endurance, greater weapons capacity, automated take-off and landing and better resilience against the elements than the current Reaper fleet.

Protector at a glance

  • Protector is expected to enter service with the RAF in 2020s
  • Planned weapons include the Brimstone 2 air-to-surface missile and the Paveway IV laser-guided bomb
  • The DE&S Unmanned Air System team is overseeing the delivery of Protector into service.

“Protector will give UK forces incredible flexibility and reach during future operations. The engineers and project managers in the DE&S team are working hard to get this next-generation system ready for action.”

Air Cdre Simon Ellard, DE&S Unmanned Air System Team Leader Air

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