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The river-class patrol vessel is a versatile naval ship used for maritime security, patrol, and rescue missions, equipped with modern sensors and weapons.

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What are Offshore Patrol Vessels?

The River-class Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV) programme is an initiative undertaken by the Royal Navy to strengthen its fleet capabilities. The programme involves the support of a series of patrol vessels designed for operations in offshore waters.

The purpose of these vessels is to conduct a range of maritime security operations, including border protection, counterterrorism, anti-smuggling, and fishery patrols. These versatile ships play a vital role in safeguarding national interests and ensuring maritime safety and security.

The end user of the vessels is the Royal Navy. The ships are ordinarily based and operated from numerous ports from around the UK, depending on operational requirements. They contribute to the maritime security efforts of the Royal Navy in both domestic and international waters.

Merlin HM2 landing for the first time ever onto the Batch 2 River Class Offshore Patrol Vessel (HMS Tamar).

About River-class OPVs

What makes these vessels unique is their adaptability and endurance. They are designed to operate for prolonged periods, with the capacity to cover long distances and remain at sea for extended durations. The ships are also equipped with state-of-the-art surveillance and communication systems, enabling effective monitoring and response to various maritime challenges.

The River-class offshore patrol vessel programme works alongside other naval programmes and initiatives, including broader fleet modernizations plans. The vessels often work with other Royal Navy assets, such as frigates, aircraft carriers, and helicopters, to reinforce maritime security and operational effectiveness.

Noteworthy capabilities of the River-class vessels include their ability to operate in diverse environments, ranging from coastal waters to open oceans. They also have the capacity to embark and deploy small boats and unmanned aerial vehicles for enhanced surveillance and operational flexibility. These vessels serve as valuable assets in the Royal Navy’s effort to maintain maritime security and protect national interests.

What makes these vessels unique is their adaptability and endurance. They are designed to operate for prolonged periods, with the capacity to cover long distances and remain at sea for extended durations.

How are Offshore Patrol Vessels delivered?

As in-service vessels, the availability of the River-class offshore patrol vessel is managed through several contracts and arrangements which support the ships and the critical components which allow them to operate.

Support delivery for Royal Navy and Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships is tailored to specific platform requirements and often managed through larger frameworks, such as the £5.2 Billion Future Maritime Support Programme which enables work to be carried out at shipyards across the UK and supports thousands of jobs at multiple companies.

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