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Project Description

DE&S supports a range of protected wheeled vehicles which have proven themselves in combat, most recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At a glance

  • The British Army’s range of protected wheeled vehicles includes Foxhound, Mastiff, Husky, Wolfhound and Panther.
  • British enhancements to Mastiff, led by DE&S, to the v-shaped hull include run-flat tyres, shock-mounted seating, internal spall liners and a protected weapon station.
  • Foxhound has been designed to offer unparalleled protection levels in a vehicle of its size. Lighter and smaller than other protection vehicles, it brings a whole new capability to the Army.
  • Support for the protected wheeled vehicle fleet is led by the DE&S Land Equipment Vehicle Support Team.

“Through support of the Army’s fleet of protected wheeled vehicles, DE&S staff at MOD Abbey Wood and around the country make an invaluable, meaningful contribution to the safety and effectiveness of troops on operation all over the world.”

Allan Paterson

DE&S Vehicle Support Team Deputy Team Leader

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