Project Description

The British Army uses a number of artillery systems to support UK operations, including the L118 Light Gun and the AS90 self-propelled gun.

Commandos firing a L118 light gun during Exercise Heiktila.

Commandos firing a L118 light gun during Exercise Heiktila.

At a glance

  • The heavyweight 155mm AS90, which has a crew of five gunners and moves under its own power using caterpillar tracks, is used by the Royal Horse Artillery and Royal Artillery.
  • The 105mm L118 towed howitzer, otherwise known as the Light Gun, is used by parachute and commando field artillery regiments and features an automatic pointing system which enables it to be put into action within 30 seconds of being unhitched.
  • The DE&S Artillery Systems Team ensures all the British Army’s artillery systems are supported and available for operations.

“British Army gunners are the best in the world and they have the equipment to match – it is our privilege to be working closely with our partners at the Front Line Command to keep these important systems ready for use.”

Colonel Matt Botsford

DE&S Artillery Systems Team Leader

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