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Project Description

The Apache Attack Helicopter, flown by the Army Air Corps, is a twin-engine, four bladed, tandem seat aerial weapons platform designed to accomplish a variety of missions in day, night and adverse weather in climactic conditions ranging from desert heart to arctic cold.

About Apache

  • Apache is assigned to roles including offensive action, control and direction of firepower, information, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR), command and control and escort duties.
  • It is armed with a 30mm automatic cannon, wing-mounted 70mm rockets and Hellfire missiles.
  • The Army’s 50 Apache AH-64D helicopters will be replaced by 50 AH-64E variants.
  • The AH-64E flies faster, has a greater lift capability and greater range. It will also see improvements to sights and sensors, allowing targets to be accurately identified and engaged at greater ranges.
  • The DE&S Helicopters Project Team supports the existing Apache fleet and is overseeing the upgrade to the AH-64E variant.


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