DE&S reaches milestone achievement: ISO 9001 certification for quality management

DE&S has been awarded the International ISO 9001 certification for quality management from the independent certification body, National Quality Assurance (NQA) – a milestone achievement.

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We are proud to have been awarded the International ISO 9001 certification from the NQA. ISO 9001 specifies a set of business principles that demonstrate DE&S’ capability to deliver products and services in a consistent manner to the Ministry of Defence and the Front-Line Commands.

Commenting on DE&S’ achievement, NQA’s Managing Director, Nick Wright, said:

“Delivering quality in defence is of national importance. Through achieving accredited certification to ISO 9001:2015 with NQA, DE&S sets a strong example for its supply chain, end users and stakeholders. The internationally recognised standard for quality management provides DE&S with a strong platform from which to consistently deliver. NQA have been delighted to support DE&S on its improvement journey.”

Meeting this globally recognised standard demonstrates DE&S’ commitment to delivering safe, reliable and quality services. The independent certification raises awareness of the importance of quality management, drives standardised ways of working across DE&S and provides assurance to DE&S stakeholders.

DE&S CEO, Sir Simon Bollom, said:

“ISO 9001 certification is an important milestone achievement that demonstrates the progress we are making on continuous improvement and business performance management. Congratulations to Phil Sheldrick and his team for driving this work forward so effectively.”

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