‘I owe my life to that helmet’: The DE&S kit which saved a RAF Red Arrows pilot

Published 29 September 2022

Red Arrow pilot Sqn Ldr Ogston, otherwise known as Red 6, has expressed his thanks to the DE&S Air Commodities Team following a recent mid-air bird strike.

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The RAF Red Arrows display at Rhyl Air Show, North Wales, was halted when one of the jets collided with a bird. The jet was flying at nearly 400mph and 100ft above ground when the collision happened, causing the canopy to shatter.

Thankfully, Red 6 stepped out of the cockpit almost completely unscathed, with thanks to his helmet and safety equipment which had been procured by DE&S. Not only did the helmet protected Red 6 from the initial strike, but also from any debris and wind blast that followed.

Sqn Ldr Ogston has expressed his gratitude to DE&S, whose important behind-the-scenes work helps to keep pilots and servicepeople safe.

Squadron Leader Gregor Ogston said:

“I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to all who work in the Survival Equipment profession following my bird strike at the Rhyl air show. Despite the considerable impact, I stepped out of the cockpit 10 minutes later almost completely unscathed. I owe my life to that helmet.”

“At 100ft above the ground, and with Red 7 about to complete a head-to-head pass with me only a couple of seconds after the impact, the consequences had it not performed as it did could have been catastrophic.”

“This is testament to everyone involved in the Survival Equipment world who select, test, fit and maintain our flying clothing – working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep all of us who fly safe.”

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