Cyber security expert Ross tell us about setting up a cyber security team at DE&S

“Cyber as a domain is evolving and the challenge to remain ahead and effective is constant.”

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Cyber Security expert Ross tells us about his role at DE&S

Job title:

Consultant Engineer – Cyber Lead

Why did you choose to pursue a career in DE&S?

I’ve been an Engineer for almost 30 years and since I enjoy aviation I found it natural to pursue a career with the MOD. The opportunities within DE&S are many and varied and therefore its an evolving workspace for an Engineer. You can make your own opportunities as I did by making a transition towards Cyber Security from Systems Engineering, although they have a close relationship.

What does your cyber security role entail?

I work as a Consultant within Internal Technical Support (ITS) which involves responding to requests for technical support from the Delivery Teams, defining potential solutions and delivering these in the most effective and efficient way.

In order to do this I will engage with all of the stakeholders and establish what the desired outputs are whilst balancing risk and timeframe.

No two tasks are the same. The new Cyber Security practice becomes the fourth within ITS and I’m establishing this in order to address the growing demand across the business. Cyber as a domain is evolving and the challenge to remain ahead and effective is constant.

What are the opportunities to develop and progress at DE&S?

There are many opportunities to grow as an Engineer and progress. Support is offered to becoming a CEng through your preferred professional body, for Cyber it could be the Institute of Information Security Professionals. You are encouraged to have and manage your own Continuous Professional Development with the guidance of an assigned Function Development Officer.

There is a mentoring scheme which I am part of, as a mentor it’s rewarding to share your own experience and visibly see Engineers grow.

What do you most enjoy about cyber security at DE&S?

The variety – as I said earlier every task I undertake is different. The end objectives, the people you engage with, the environment you visit and indeed the challenges, they all combine to make the job both interesting and challenging. In most cases you realise how important your contribution to the Delivery Team really is, how dependent they are upon your experience and skillset. It’s satisfying at the end of a long day.

What’s you ambition?

To keep going forward. I’m targeting the successful establishment of the new Cyber Security practice as I see this as a great opportunity for ITS and the business as a whole. Within Cyber Im hoping to become a certified Information Assurance professional which would open up additional opportunities within DE&S.

What’s the greatest achievement at DE&S so far?

Being rewarded with a ‘CEO Commendation’ for innovation and support towards the business is a worthy reflection of the achievements ITS has acquired since its inception. Myself and many others were part of that and the journey I experienced certainly makes me proud. The development of an in-house engineering consultancy has been a success, extending this to include Cyber is the next goal on my horizon.

Why would you recommend DE&S to others as a great place to work?

You will work with some of the most experienced and supportive people from all disciplines and backgrounds. The opportunity to grow as a professional is there for you to tailor to your needs. The network you can establish is valuable and the potential to learn and collaborate is ever present. The project work and the challenges which you experience will stretch your capability, enable you to perform and can drive a career which can be very rewarding. I returned to DE&S after 10 years in industry and its met all of my expectations.

What are the social benefits of working for DE&S?

At the working level the ability to work from home when possible and a flexi-time system provides you with a measure of adjustment for day-to-day life. The Defence Discount scheme is a benefit which I have found beneficial, saving money across many sectors. There are many social events and activities in the calendar which you can participate in, these include sport, organised visits, seminars etc.

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