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Video Transcript

DE&S. Your ambition leads here.

You’re determined to lead.
Dedicated to doing your best work.
Whether you're experienced in your field, or just starting out, you want to be the guiding light that drives your team.

Then whatever your background, whatever your skillset; you’ll find yourself in good company at DE&S.

We’ve got innovation leaders.
Engineering leaders.
Leaders in defence, security, tech.
We’ve got people leaders and learning leaders.

Leaders in inclusion and leaders for a greener world.

We’ve got people who drive safety for the UK, and people who drive a better culture for all of us.

In fact, everywhere you look, from Accounting to IT, our people are setting new standards; bringing new meaning to best-in-class.
It’s what unites us, and it’s our duty too.

Together, we drive the nation’s security, stability, prosperity.

We imagine what the future could be – then lead the way.

So be ambitious. Be driven.
Reach for the best you can be.
And know that if you do, you’ll find a role with us.

DE&S. Your ambition leads here.

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