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The F-35B Lightning is a multi-role, stealth aircraft containing cutting-edge technologies which is flown by both the Royal Navy and the RAF. It is based at RAF Marham in Norfolk and will also be operated from the UK’s two new Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and other land bases.

F-35B – Lightning at a glance

  • The UK is currently taking deliveries of the F-35B aircraft which will be used on board the nation’s two new flagships, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales
  • The aircraft is based at RAF Marham in Norfolk and can also operate from the carrier flight decks and deployed operating bases
  • In addition to its short take-off and vertical landing capability, the F-35B’s unique combination of stealth, cutting-edge radar, sensor technology, and electronic warfare systems make it a true fifth-generation combat aircraft
  • More than 500 UK companies are on the programme supply chain
  • DE&S teams are involved in overseeing UK deliveries, and developing the aircraft through-life

F-35 video centre

Watch the F-35 in action – from a plotted history of the fighter to its first landing on UK soil.

F-35 – Fifth generation fighter

Capable of flying at 1,200mph, the arrival of F-35s to the UK marks the start of 5th Generation of fighter planes for the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Take a fly through the history of the UK’s iconic fighters.

F35 Lightning ski jump trial

British Army Platoon Commanders and Platoon Sergeants underwent the Live Firing Tactical Training course in Brecon, which simulates realistic live firing in a battle setting.

F-35B Lightning jets arrive in UK

The first four of Britain’s new F-35B Lightning fighter jets arrive at RAF Marham and we spoke to the Minister for Defence Procurement Guto Bebb for his reaction.

Sir Stephen Hillier on F-35 arrivals

Hear from Air Chief Marshal Sir Stephen Hillier about what this means for the Royal Air Force & Royal Navy and the collaborative effort behind their delivery.

The F-35 programme is among the biggest and most complicated defence projects in the world, one of huge importance to the UK’s Armed Forces and UK prosperity – and DE&S personnel are at its heart

Phil Brooker OBE

Air Commodore, Lightning Team Leader and Combat Air Principal Engineer

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