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Project Description

The RAF’s Sentry aircraft are a vital presence over land and sea where UK forces are operating, collecting information which is used to understand the environment and control troop activity.

Sentry at a glance

  • The RAF operates six Sentry aircraft, operated by No 8 Squadron based at RAF Waddington.
  • Along with Sentinel and Shadow, the aircraft forms one arm of the UK Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) triad.
  • It can fly for more than 11 hours over 5,000 nautical miles – this range can be extended by air-to-air refuelling.
  • Sentry usually has a crew of 18, including four flight deck crew, three technicians, and an 11-man mission crew.
  • The DE&S Air ISTAR Team, part of the Air Support domain, supports the aircraft fleet to ensure it is available for operations when required.

DE&S – the force behind the armed forces

“In partnership with the RAF and our partners in industry, DE&S keeps this important airspace management aircraft flying and supporting UK operations.”

Christopher Dell

Head of the DE&S Air ISTAR team

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