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Project Description

The UK’s Airseeker system, built around a fleet of three RC-135V/W aircraft, sends intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data to UK and allied forces on operations.

Airseeker at a glance

  • The three aircraft, operated by 51 Squadron RAF, are based at RAF Waddington in Lincolnshire.
  • Airseeker’s primary role is to collect, analyse and share electronic surveillance data in support of national, joint and coalition operations all over the world.
  • Crew includes two pilots, one navigator and up to 25 mission crew operating cutting-edge intelligence-gathering equipment.
  • The DE&S Airseeker team oversaw the delivery of the three aircraft into service ahead of schedule and is now overseeing the support of the fleet.

“The DE&S team approach the challenge of acquiring the Airseeker fleet for the RAF with dedication and innovation and we are now committed to supporting these crucial aircraft as they embark on operations.”

Bill Chrispin

Airseeker Programme Deputy Head

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