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Project Description

Common Support Model (CSM)

The Common Support Model (CSM) is the framework that will provide comprehensive support across the Royal Navy’s fleet of warships for decades to come.

The model will maintain the likes of both brand-new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carriers, as well as all existing warships and can incorporate future ships such as the Type 26 and Type 31e.

Worth around £1billion, the new arrangement combines existing separate support agreements for individual ship types, into a single, more efficient and more manageable model.  The result is set to improve the performance of service providers, having them adopt a common approach across all classes of complex warships.

In future, no matter what the type of ship, the performance and speed of support will be boosted, while providing savings in equipment costs with a one-stop shop for services required.

The DE&S Ships Support team will work in partnership with the Royal Navy, and our industry partners to drive the new support model to supply Royal Navy Engineering Technicians with the services and tools they need to keep the entire surface fleet effective at home and abroad.

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“Our surface fleet is made up of some the most advanced and capable fighting ships in the world. HMS Queen Elizabeth, the Royal Navy’s newest and most advanced Aircraft Carrier, will join the fleet soon and the Common Support Model will provide a framework that will deliver effective support to the Royal Navy’s warship fleet at home and around the globe.”

Sir Simon Bollom

Chief of Materiel (Ships) for DE&S

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