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Virtus is one of the most advanced integrated body armour, helmet and load carriage systems in the world.

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Virtus programme at a glance

  • Virtus is 4.7 kilogrammes lighter and better fitting than older body armour systems and its design improves the wearer’s ability to perform a range of tasks.
  • It is designed to address the negative impacts on tactical mobility, survivability and muscular skeletal injury caused by excessive load carriage by the dismounted soldier, allowing users to ‘fight lighter.
  • The system has been fielded following extensive trials by the Infantry Trials and Development Unit, scientific and medical Subject Matter Experts.  During trials Virtus received a 96 per cent positive rating from trials troops, compared to 62 per cent for its predecessor.
  • The DE&S Soldier Training and Special Programmes team have procured the system and are overseeing the planned delivery of 52,000 sets by 2019.

“Virtus, which has a slimmer profile, offers better protection, is more comfortable and includes a quick release system, is a step up from previous body armour. It feels great to be delivering a system which will make a clear, positive difference to British soldiers.”

Marcus Bruton

DE&S Virtus Programme Leader

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