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Project Description

Small arms (personal weapons) in service with the UK’s Armed Forces include the Glock 17 sidearm and the iconic SA80 A2 rifle.

At a glance

  • The SA80 A2 fires NATO standard 5.56mm ammunition.
  • The modern variant can be fitted with the Sight Unit Small Arms, Trilux 4x magnification sight and the Common Weapon Sight, a third-generation Image Intensification night sight.
  • It can be fitted with an underslung 40mm low-recoil grenade launcher.
  • The DE&S Dismounted Close Combat Team provide support to the British Army to ensure the weapons are maintained and available.

“The SA80 has been an essential part of the British solider’s kit for more than 30 years. The DE&S team is playing an important role in keeping the weapon fit to fight into the future.”

Marcus Bruton

DE&S Dismounted Close Combat Team Leader

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