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The Starter Harris T7 has advanced features which will take British Army bomb disposal operations to the next level of confidence and control.

Starter Harris T7 bomb disposal robot at a glance

  • The T7 is being procured through a DE&S programme called Project Starter, which will see 56 robots delivered.
  • It features advanced ‘haptic feedback’ controls which allow operators to ‘feel’ their way through intricate ordinance disposal operations.
  • It will replace the Wheelbarrow Mk8b, which has been in service since 1995.
  • The DE&S Remote Control Vehicle Team is overseeing the procurement of the robot and its entry into service, due 2020.

“It has taken a lot of hard work to get us this far and we are excited to bring the Starter T7 bomb disposal robot into service in 2019 and the increased capability the user will experience as a consequence.”

Sacha Spragg

Starter Project Manager at DE&S

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