Engineering Manager/Technical Specialist


£42,000 – £57,000 (plus benefits)

Professional I

Closes 18th Nov 2018

The opportunity

We are seeking very experienced senior engineers to join the DE&S Air Engineering function based in Abbey Wood, Bristol. The Air Environment consists of three principle Operating Centres (OCs) Combat Air; Air Support and Helicopters. The Directorate, together with these OCs, deliver to a wide variety of air systems and associated equipment to the military.

DE&S Engineers currently operate within a functional management construct; therefore, deployments to other teams/locations will be required. As a proficient and understanding community, the Air Engineering Function encourages the personal professional development of all its members to maximise both individual and business opportunities.

To be a successful Senior Engineering Manager, you will be expected to demonstrate a deep knowledge and understanding of the DE&S business (e.g. purpose, strategy, standards, regulatory constraints, structure policy, processes, procedures and tools and their intent). You will also understand the existing and emerging trends and constraints in relation to the Engineering Function as well as the requirements of the Front-Line Customers. All roles encompass planning, performance reporting, managing the development of business processes and the development of its people.

For all roles, you will lead the operational direction and delivery of the engineering aspects of a single significant delivery area. Typical key responsibilities include:

  • Chief Engineer for a single significant project or service or lead Engineer for a major system or discipline
  • Safety Delegation Letter Holder
  • Ensure solutions are clearly defined, integrated, configured, controlled and delivered, including resolution of conflicts and integrations issues
  • Conduct engineering planning, management, review and maturity assessment activities
  • Ensure technical risks and opportunities are captured and actively managed
  • Lead Design Reviews and approve significant portfolio engineering decisions and deliverables
  • Scientist or Technologist delivering projects that increase Technology Readiness Levels/System Readiness Levels to support capability delivery to customer decision making
  • Represent the Engineering Function delivery at Project Board level
  • Perform a Function Development Officer (FDO) or Technical Discipline Lead role
  • Manage a budget

There are currently five assignments available and you should specify a preference for an assignment within your CV.

1. Chief Engineer – DE&S Equipment Cyber Resilience programme x 1:

This is the lead engineering role within a planned team of 9 that are undertaking activity applicable across the DE&S portfolio to further deliver the conditions, tools and guidance to make delivery of cyber resilient equipment to Front Line Command customers. A Chartered Engineer (or ability to gain in 6 months) is required to sign off the technical work undertaken within the team. Ideally this activity requires somebody with experience of engineering activity in the procurement and support of equipment across all domains (Land, Sea and Air). As cyber threats align to software and programmable elements within and between equipment, the successful individual must be comfortable in this context and be a systems thinker to oversee the development of new ways of working. Importantly this role is focussed on the cyber resilience of military equipment (a large number of which will require Developed Vetting (must be at least attainable within 6 months). This role is not looking at corporate style IT and although understanding of cyber resilience in an enterprise IT setting may be useful it is not a core requirement.

2. Engineer – DE&S Airworthiness Team (DAT) x 2:

In addition to the typical responsibilities detailed above, these roles require you to engage with Regulatory and Policy Authorities within Defence to improve regulations and policies.

3. Functional Management Team x 3:

These roles specifically deal with managing and developing staff in the engineering function deployed across the Business. As well as planning and managing deployment of resource, in accordance with endorsed priorities, the FMT support recruitment, develop engineering process and plan/manage audits. For these posts it is expected that you will have extensive knowledge and experience in accordance with the standard engineering manager profile (as above) as well as a successful track record of managing and delivering within a major project environment, including planning, performance reporting, managing the development of business processes and developing people. Prior experience of line management and development of medium to large teams as well as a flexible approach to working to meet the Function Team objectives is required. You will be expected to stay in this role for a minimum of 18 months before being deployed to a project area.

4. Unmanned Air Systems team – Technical Specialist Software Certification x 1

In addition to the essential requirements for all roles, you are required to be to be an experienced holder of a Letter of Airworthiness Authority relating to Programmable Elements (PE) or able to demonstrate that this can be achieved within 6 months. You should have an understanding of the application of DEF STAN 00-970, Part 13, Section 1.7.1 and having Subject Matter Expertise in the application of DO-178C and DO-254. Additionally, you will need to have a working knowledge of Cyber Security Air Worthiness and how to assure against it together with having a working knowledge of PE assurance which includes having experience of leading Federal Aviation Authority Stage of Involvement (SOI) Audits (or similar) in both Software and Airborne Electronic Hardware. Also, you will need to have experience in assessing and improving PE technical competence and have a working knowledge of the Military Air Systems Certification Process MACP (1-6) and How PEs relate to it. It would assist your application if you have an awareness and continued support of emerging technologies relating to PEs within Defence

5. Engineering Authority Airborne Equipment – Technical Specialist x 1 based in RAF Brize Norton

In addition to the essential requirements for all roles, as well as being a Chartered Engineer, you should also have extensive experience of working with Airborne Equipment maintenance and design organisations. You are required to have comprehensive knowledge of MAA Regulations and applicability to Airborne Equipment as well as having experience of the 760 and 765 process and making engineering decisions to issue SI(T)s and amend APs. You should also be experienced with the Release to Service process and it would assist your application if you have experience with the Airborne Equipment Release Certificate, including amendments and providing supporting evidence. We require you to be System Safety qualified with experience in MOD aviation hazard and risk management, and producing Safety Assessment Reports. You should either hold a Letter of Airworthiness Authority for Airborne Equipment including authorising concessions to approved data or you should be able to demonstrate that you could achieve this within 6 months. Also, you should be experienced with Digital Air Publications and you should be experienced MOD modification/design change regulations, standards and processes including making engineering decisions and/or recommendations on the safety and airworthiness of the proposed modification. Please note you must be willing to travel to support meetings at various locations including Abbey Wood in Bristol, RAF Air Command, IGQ Llangliener, Zodiac Paris.

To be successful in any of the above roles, you must have a Masters Degree in a relevant discipline or relevant experience obtained over a substantial number of years. You will be working within a military airworthiness construct and therefore you should be either registered with the Engineering Council as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) or higher, or show the ability to achieve full registration within 12 months of appointment. You must also have experience of working within the military aviation environment.

We are looking for you to have extensive experience, including operating as a manager in a complex organisation and you must demonstrate a wide breadth of technical experience across multiple disciplines and environments. You must be able to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience to design a large and/or complex system or process to meet customer requirements within realistic constraints, whilst having the ability to identify and rationalise interdependencies between multiple issues in complex delivery environments.

You will also have responsibility for guiding and coaching others whilst building relationships with and dealing regularly with contractors and customers. You must possess the judgement and strength of character to act if a task becomes unsafe or environmentally hazardous.

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About Engineering at DE&S

Our Engineering function enables the delivery of our equipment and support by providing specialist expertise in domain-related disciplines such as: mechanical, electrical & power distribution; software, sensors & electronic systems; acquisition safety & environmental protection; quality assurance; ordnance munitions & explosives, as well as systems engineering & integration.

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