DE&S employee James Gregory has returned triumphant from Finland having beaten the globe’s most muscular athletes to secure a World’s Strongest Man title.

James, a business manager within Information Management and IT, is now the United Strongman World’s Strongest Man in the under 105kg class following his triumph in Helsinki.

He beat strong men from a host of nations including the USA, Canada, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Ireland to land the prestigious title.

“Being at DE&S gives me an amazing work-life balance that is giving me the opportunity to fulfil my potential and still spend quality time with my family.”

– James Gregory, United Strongman World’s Strongest Man and DE&S Business Manager

Work at DE&S

James can now add the accolade to his British Natural Strongman Federation (BNSF) England’s Strongest Man title and his three podium finishes at the BNSF Britain Strongest man.

He said: “The events in Helsinki included zercher carry, power stairs, deadlift, log press, wrist roller, front hold and sand bag carry.

“To win the competition on the power stairs was a massive relief as last year I made a mistake in that event and it cost me the title.”

James, who stands 6ft 2inches tall and deadlifts 300kg, the equivalent of three fridgefreezers, maintains his phenomenal strength by spending four hours a day in the gym and consuming around 4,000 daily calories – made up of steak mince, chicken, rice, sweet potato, egg whites and oats.

“That said, the first thing I reach for after a tournament is over is lasagne and cheese cake,” he admits.

James first started going to the gym when he was 16, purely to bulk himself up for rugby.

“The first time I went in the gym I bench-pressed 120kg and a few eyebrows were raised – I guess I was just naturally strong,” James said.

It was only about five years ago that he first got a taste of the sport when he attended Strong man Sunday’ at Trojan Fitness in Ashton and egged on by mates he went to try it out the different strong man events.

Nowadays his prowess in the sport also sees travel the world –  this year alone he has competed in the United States, Finland, Hungary and Spain – where last month he competed in Barcelona at the Arnold Strongman series (devised by Arnold Schwarzenegger) and met the great man himself.

“Being at DE&S gives me an amazing work-life balance that is giving me the opportunity to fulfil my potential and still spend quality time with my family,” he said.

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