“I wanted the opportunity for a varied career with a good balance between work and social life.”

Occupational health MOD person smilingJob title:

Corporate environmental lead.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in DE&S?

I wanted the opportunity for a varied career without the need to move location (unless want to) and good balance between work and social life. I also felt there was more opportunity for promotion (I was right, I have been promoted twice in 5 years).

What are you looking forward to in your role over the next 12 months?

To implement the new Occupational Health Safety and Environment Function Assurance Strategic Plan and raise the agenda for environmental protection.

What does your role entail?

Environmental assurance (audits, etc.) lead for OHSE Function.

Want to find out more about Occupational Health, Safety and Environment at DE&S?

Occupational Health, Safety and Environment

What are the opportunities to develop and progress within your function?

Senior stakeholder engagement by representing OHSE CFM at high level meetings.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

The responsibility and flexibility to create a new strategy. The team are also really nice to work with, which helps!.

What’s your ambition?

To improve sustainability across DE&S and to become a Senior Civil Servant.

What’s the greatest achievement (in your role) to date?

I became a Chartered Environmentalist, which there aren’t many of at DE&S..! As an environmental SME I was appointed a new role as Corporate Environmental Lead. To date I have created the WOC Environmental Forum and also WOC Environmental Strategy and Plan, along with the CEO Environmental Protection Policy Statement.

How do you build a successful career at DE&S?

Keep learning new skills and stay engaged with transformation. Seek out new assignments or opportunities every 2-3 years to stay current. Be sure to have a good work / life balance so as to enjoy your work and not feel stressed.

Are you a member of any networks? If so, why did you decide to join and what benefits do they bring to you?

  • DE&S Disability Network – I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and needed support. I have engaged with the network to set up a Cancer Interest Group for those that need that extra support.
  • ABW Netball – I use to train on a Tuesday morning and play netball tournaments at MoD Sports Day and CSSC and Spain!
  • ABW Basketball – I regularly train on a Friday afternoon and play basketball tournaments at MoD Sports Day and CSSC Games.
  • DE&S STEM – I have presented at a primary school and also engaged with students at an engineering college.
  • Women’s Network – I recently attended the International Women’s Day at work where we had a variety of inspirational women speakers.

What are the social benefits of working for DE&S?

  • Fitness and Sport (netball and basketball, also circuits and DSRA Tough Mudder).
  • Social (discounted tickets to theatre, Murder Mystery at SS Great Britain, and Coasteering Weekend away).
  • Fun Activities (annual Mangold Dangling event at CSSC Bristol).
  • Defence Discount (discounted meals and cinema tickets, and also shops).