Josiah tells us about being a commercial officer at DE&S

“As a commercial officer I have the responsibility to ensure we get the best value for money for the taxpayer and our armed forces.”

How long have you worked for DE&S?

Almost 4 and a half years now, starting as a Commercial Apprentice.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in DE&S?

At the time when I was seeking a new job, I had a choice between DE&S and another government department.

I chose DE&S because I judged the opportunities for progression were much better, coupled with the promise of training and qualifications.

What does your role entail?

A commercial officer is responsible (in the simplest possible explanation) managing and letting contracts.

My current commercial role is a little bit different as it is very new and in a pre-concept phase of a procurement.

So, it involves market analysis, developing contract sourcing and commercial strategies and a lot of stakeholder management.

It has given me the opportunity to develop my communication skills and be more visible to senior management.

What’s you ambition?

People seem to think I have potential. I’d like to achieve that.

What’s the greatest achievement (in your role) to date?

I’ve not been in my current role that long, but I would say working hard to deliver commercial strategies and provide analytical support for high value (£250M+) requirements in an attempt to optimise the defence supply chain and running a successful market engagement session.

What are the social benefits of working for DE&S?

There are sports facilities on site at ABW including a gym.

There is a club for almost every sport. I have represented the MOD national football team on several occasions.

I’ve already mentioned the work life balance which is made possible, in part, due to the flexible working arrangements that can be put in place.

In addition to this you become eligible for a discount card which you can use in almost all high-street stores, get access to cheaper insurance, holidays and cars to name a few.

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